Divorce Club is full of divorce advice, divorce stories, support and events for people going through a divorce or separation.

Here you can find divorce advice about the process, money, kids, parenting, support, dating, moving on and much more.

Lucy and Isabelle (the DC founders) realise from first hand experience that going through a divorce is a painful time – whatever the reasons for the relationship ending.  The worry of how it’s all going to shake down plus the emotions involved make for a stressful time.

Divorce Advice

We run events for divorcees in London and up and down the country.  Come along and meet us!

If you have just found us our divorce advice is made up of a few main categories:


Divorce Support

Including Parenting, Coping, Money, The Process, Dating, Moving on.


Divorce Stories

Sometimes the best divorce advice comes from other people’s experience.  Some of our brave divorcees have shared their stories which you can see in our videos – hopefully this will give you courage and hope as you go forward in your divorce.  Others have written about their experiences such as Johnny, Simon,  and Audrey.



We hold monthly events in London.  We also hold occasional events nationwide.  If you would like to go to an event near you email us at [email protected]



You can have a conversation with other divorcees privately in our 24/7 messaging channel, or publicly on our Facebook page.


Specific Divorce Advice

The most commonly searched for divorce advice:

Advice on the legal process

How to file for divorce

Grounds for divorce

The divorce process

Advice about money

Sorting your financees out after divorce

How to cut divorce costs

How much money will I eed to live after my divorce?

Advice to do with parenting during a divorce

Tips from children of divorced parents

How to break the news of your divorce

Co-parenting with your ex

Signs your children are not coping

Step parenting

Advice to do with the pain or emotions of divorce

Why do people have affairs?

How to tell your friends and family

Coping after you’ve been left by your ex

The shock of divorce

Managing depression during your divorce

Being happy after divorce

Advice on dating after divorce

How do I know I’m ready to date?

Dating advice for divorcees

Dating and sex

Tips for finding love offline – and actually enjoying it.

Advice on moving on after divorce

Divorce quotes

Being happy after divorce

Getting married again? How to make it special

Picking yourself up and moving on after divorce

Reasons to rejoice at being single



About Divorce Club:
Divorce can be challenging, but it is also a real opportunity for personal growth and change. Both Lucy and Isabelle co-founded Divorce Club back in 2016 for one simple reason – we know that no one should go through divorce alone! It’s now the largest Divorce Club in the UK.

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