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The 13 best divorce books for children in 2024

13 best divorced books for kids

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Navigating the emotions and inquiries that arise from divorce, separation, or a significant shift in your family dynamic can prove challenging. However, fear not!

I present to you a collection of books that will aid you in supporting your child through these trying times. Let these literary gems be your guiding light!


The Invisible String - Children's book on divorce

$ 6.99

The Invisible String

With over 1.5 million copies sold, this accessible, bestselling picture book phenomenon about the unbreakable connections between loved ones has healed generations of children and adults alike.


Two Homes

Parents looking for a book about separation or divorce will find few offerings as positive, matter-of-fact, or child-centered as this one… Simple, yet profoundly satisfying.


Dinosaurs Divorce

1.5 million copies of the series sold.
A comprehensive, sensitive guide for changing families, Dinosaurs Divorce helps readers understand what divorce means, why it happens, and how to best cope with everyone’s feelings.


Mom and Dad Don't Live Together Anymore

Kathy Stinson deals in a positive way with the confusion, insecurity and sorrow experienced by young children whose parents have separated. Each parent still provides the same love and caring–just not together anymore.


Was it the Chocolate Pudding?: A Story for Little Kids About Divorce

Readers learn about divorce, and receive age-appropriate explanations of what is happening regarding such issues as single-parent homes and joint custody as well as how divorce is a grown-up problem, not the child’s fault. Simultaneous.


It's Not the End of the World

“Karen’s world was ending. Her father had moved out of the house weeks before; now he was going to Las Vegas to get divorced, and her mother was pleased! She had only a few days to get the two of them together in the same room. Maybe, if she could, they would just forget about the divorce.”


The Boys and Girls Book About Divorce

This warm and honest book provides reassuring answers to many crucial questions children ask about divorce.


All Kinds of Families

From the creators of the picture-book sensation Grumpy Monkey comes a hilarious celebration of families of all stripes! Lots of nontraditional family structures are celebrated in this super-fun and super-accessible board book! 


The Divorce Help Book for Teens

This warm and honest book provides reassuring answers to many crucial questions children ask about divorce.


You Make Your Parents Super Happy

This simple graphic story helps children whose parents are separating to feel better. The book says why some parents have to live in different places, reminds the child how special they are to both parents, and reassures them that both parents will keep looking after them, and love them just as before.


Luna Loves Library Day

Exploring the shelves they find magic, mystery and even start to mend their own history. An inspiring story from one of the UK’s greatest up-and-coming poets


Why Do Families Change

Separation and divorce are difficult on the entire family.
Often young children blame themselves or are unsure of their place in the family if these events occur. Child psychologist Dr. Jillian Roberts designed the Just Enough series to empower parents/caregivers to start conversations with young ones about difficult or challenging subject matter.


Divorce Is Not The End Of The World

Zoe and Evan Stern know firsthand how it feels when your parents divorce. When their parents split they knew their lives would change but they didn’t know how. A few years later, when they were 15 and 13 years old, they decided to share their experience in this positive and practical guide for kids.

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