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Love on the rebound: The controversial countdown to dating after divorce

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The thought of dating again after divorce is both exciting and terrifying. On the one hand, the freedom to start fresh and find a meaningful connection is appealing.

On the other, you’ve just ended a serious relationship and may have some baggage to unpack first.

There’s no set timeline for when you “should” start dating again after divorce. It’s a personal decision that depends on your emotional state, your needs, and your readiness to open your heart to someone new.

But if you’ve found yourself starting to notice attractive strangers or feel pangs of longing for affection and intimacy again, you may just be ready to test the waters.

The trick is to start slow, keep things casual, focus on yourself, and have fun. Your future love life is out there—you just have to be open to new experiences.

Wait Until You’re Ready to Date Again

After a divorce, it’s normal to feel lonely and crave connection, but don’t start dating again until you’ve healed and are truly ready.

Rushing into a new relationship too soon often ends in hurt and heartbreak for both parties. Take time to process the end of your marriage. Let yourself feel the grief, work through anger or regret, and adjust to your new normal. When memories of your ex no longer sting and you can think about the good times with a smile, you’re getting there.

Make sure you know who you are now as an individual. Pursue your own interests, reconnect with old friends, pick up a hobby, travel solo. Learn to enjoy your own company again. Only then will you have a strong sense of self to offer a new partner.

Find a Dating Coach

Tough questions

Ask yourself some tough questions. What went wrong in your marriage? What role did you play? What baggage are you carrying, and have you unpacked it? The more you understand yourself, the better equipped you’ll be to choose a compatible partner and build a healthy relationship.

Start by casually dating when you feel ready. Keep things light and low-pressure. Look for common interests and life goals, shared values, emotional availability, and good communication. Have fun and don’t rush commitment.

The end of a marriage deserves a mourning period. But there is life after divorce, and in time, you can find love again. The secret is patience – with yourself and your heart. When you’ve healed and grown and opened yourself up to possibilities, you’ll just know you’re ready to start this new chapter. And it will be so worth the wait.

Discuss Dating With Your Children

Discussing dating with your kids after divorce can be an uncomfortable conversation, but it’s an important one to have if they are of a suitable age.

Your children have been through a lot of changes recently, and they’ll have questions and concerns about you starting to date again. Be open, honest and sensitive in these discussions.

Find the right time

Don’t spring the dating discussion on your kids out of the blue. Look for an opportunity when you’re already talking about the changes in your lives. Let them know dating is something on your mind, and you want their input. Answer any questions they have honestly but gently.

Reassure them

Your kids may worry you’ll stop loving or spending time with them if you start dating. Reassure them they are your top priority. Let them know any potential partner would need to respect your relationship with your kids. Explain that dating is a slow process, and you want to find the right person who fits into your family.

Set boundaries

Discuss any rules or boundaries regarding when and how you’ll introduce them to someone new. For example, you may say you won’t introduce them until you’ve dated for 3 or 6 months. Be open to their feedback on what they consider appropriate. Compromise when you can to help them feel secure.

Check in on them

Dating after divorce affects the whole family, so make sure to communicate with empathy, set healthy boundaries, and put your kids’ needs first. While it may feel awkward, talking with your kids about dating will help ease anxieties and bring you closer together during this transition.

Create a Dating Plan and Start Slowly

Now that you’re divorced, it’s time to start thinking about dating again. But how soon is too soon? The healthiest approach is to ease into dating slowly and casually at first. Don’t feel pressured to rush into anything serious right away.

Create a plan

Before you download a dating app or ask your friends to set you up, take some time to create a dating plan. Think about what you’re looking for in a partner and relationship.

  • Are you interested in casual dating or something more committed?
  • What qualities are most important to you?

Knowing what you want will make dating feel less overwhelming.

Start with low-pressure dates

Once you feel ready to date, start with low-key, low-pressure activities like meeting for coffee or a drink, rather than an intense multi-course dinner. Keep first dates short, around 30-45 minutes. This takes the pressure off and gives you an easy out if you’re not feeling it.

Limit yourself to 1-2 dates per week at first so you have time to process how each date went and whether you want to see the person again.

Don’t introduce new partners to family/friends right away

It’s tempting when you start dating someone you connect with to want to integrate them into other areas of your life quickly. But avoid introducing new dating partners to close family and friends for at least 2-3 months.

You’re still getting to know this person, and early introductions can complicate things if you end up not being compatible after all.

Be open to new connections

The dating world may look very different now versus the last time you were single. Don’t go into dating with a rigid set of expectations. Be open to new dating apps, different types of people, and unexpected connections.

While dating should be fun, also watch out for common red flags like lack of trustworthiness, unreliability or inconsistent behavior. Your intuition is your best guide.

Starting slow, creating a plan and being open to new possibilities will help you ease into dating with confidence. Don’t get discouraged if you have some awkward or disappointing dates. With time and practice, dating after divorce can lead to exciting new relationships. Be patient and enjoy this new chapter!


So you’ve decided you’re ready to start dating again after your divorce. That’s great!

But remember, there’s no need to rush into anything serious right away. Take your time to heal and figure out who you are now as a single person again. When you start dating, look for someone who makes you feel good about yourself, who shares your values and life goals.

Don’t worry so much about timelines or what others think is “too soon.” This is your life, so make sure any new relationship adds happiness and meaning. And if a date doesn’t go well, don’t get discouraged. Stay positive – your next first date could be with someone special!

The dating world is open to you now, so get out there, have fun and good luck!

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