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How to get divorced if been married less than a year (UK)?

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In the United Kingdom, if you’ve been married for less than one year and want to get a divorce, you will not qualify for the ‘standard divorce’. However, there are a few options you can consider:

Legal Separation:

If you’ve been married for less than one year and are not eligible for a divorce, you can explore the option of legal separation. Legal separation allows you and your spouse to formalize your separation without ending the marriage. This can be helpful in situations where you need time apart to consider your options or work on the relationship.


An annulment is a legal declaration that your marriage was void or voidable from the beginning. While it’s not a divorce, it declares your marriage null and void as if it never existed. Grounds for annulment in the UK include issues like bigamy, lack of consent, or one party being underage at the time of marriage.

Seek Legal Advice:

If you’re in a situation where you believe your marriage is invalid or should be annulled, it’s crucial to consult with a solicitor or family lawyer. They can assess your specific circumstances and guide you through the legal process of annulment if applicable.

Counseling and Reconciliation:

In some cases, couples may choose to use the initial year of marriage to attend counseling or seek support to resolve their issues and strengthen their relationship.

Wait for the One-Year Requirement:

If none of the above options apply to your situation, you may need to wait until you’ve been married for at least one year before you can initiate divorce proceedings in the UK.

Legal consultation

It’s essential to consult with a legal professional who specializes in family law to discuss your unique circumstances and explore the best course of action for your situation.

Keep in mind that divorce and annulment laws can be complex and vary depending on individual circumstances, so professional guidance is crucial.

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