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Trusted Partners

These are some partners we trust and recommend.

We have approached these companies as we liked their ethos. Some of these partners give us a referral fee. You will never have to pay more as a result, and sometimes you will get a discount if you mention us. Any money we get currently goes into spreading our message. We share this information with you because it is important that you do not think that we are profiting our of your divorce. We are here to support you. We think that the people on this list will do the same.

Fair Result

Categories: Consultants

If you are having or predicting an acrimonious divorce, and are worried that costs will spiral and the process will drag on, we recommend Fair Result as one alternative.  They offer an upfront cost, based on their prediction of how long it takes, and stick to it.  This allows you visibility on your finances, while Fair Result are very motivated to get the divorce done quickly.

About Mortgages

Categories: Mortgages

Annie Young has over 10 years experience working in property.  She a real passion for property.  Having bought, renovated and sold several homes, she is familiar with the many hurdles associated with the house buying process from the perspective of the buyer and seller.

Working as a mortgage advisor she has worked with all types of clients; from first time buyers, seasoned investors or individuals with a slightly more complex situation.  She loves working with all kinds of clients.

She also loves interior design, family walks and cycle rides and enjoying the London food and music scene (when time allows!)’

Annie Young BSc (Hons), CeMAP

Our Family Wizard

Categories: Support

This app helps people to co-parent using helpful diaries, notes sections and by confirming that the message is polite and not provocative.

Family Law

Categories: Legal

This is a one stop shop that can design a legal divorce strategy for you. It is run by a former family law barrister and their aim is to get you the best possible outcome and spend the least amount of money and energy.

Lighthouse Consultants

Categories: Consultants

This accountancy service specialises in forensic accounting.  This means that they have experience tracking down hidden money.  They offer a free introductory call.


Categories: Legal

This is a divorce service run by former lawyers aimed at people who will divorce amicably.  Rather than hiring 2 solicitors, you come to Amicable as a couple, and they will help you decide together on how to split your assets, and then help you draft the divorce papers.

The Co-Parent Way

Categories: Co-Parenting

The Co-Parent Way is the UK’s only Co-Parent Coaching Practice. Its director, Marcie Shaoul is a thought leader in co-parenting and is responsible for developing a unique coaching methodology that enables parents to get to a place where they can co-parent together effectively after separation. It provides coaching specifically for couples or individuals who are separating and who have kids.

Co-Parent Coaching enables those who are separating to find a way of being secure enough to work together to create an unbroken place to raise their child even though they are not together. 

Using bespoke methodology based on ten years of research, The Co-Parent Way works with parents to ensure that they are able to see past the reasons for the relationship break-up and focus with their co-parent on how to best raise their child. 

You can take the course with one of our coaches, or buy the course online and do it at your own pace.

Parent 2 Parent

Categories: Support

Janell is a Certified Parent Coach and Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator (and mother of two!).  She has spent the last seven years teaching parents how to flip the script on parenting so they can enjoy more peace, more cooperation, more connection and more joy as a parent. 

Janell aims to empower parents to engage with their kids in a way that builds connection while also teaching their kids much needed skills such as emotional regulation and problem solving. 

Check out her online parenting membership and private coaching services.

Janell Bitton  CPC, CPDPE

Family Law Partners

Categories: Legal

Farhana Shahzady is our resident legal advisor & a top law partner and mediator with over 18 years experience. She is often cited in the Legal 500 and is a Resolution Accredited Specialist in both financial and children cases as well as being a Law Society Family Law Panel member. She has successfully worked with many of our members and even offers a discount to Divorce Clubbers.