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Celebrity Divorce – Jamie Redknapp

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Jamie Redknapp joins the Divorce Club.

Welcome Jamie!

Mr and Mrs Redknapp have split after 19 years of marriage.  They were meant to be the living proof that celebrities can make a marriage work.  So let us speculate here about what went wrong – pure speculation here – we do not known what goes on behind closed doors…

Jamie met when he was a footballer and Louise was a member of the girlband Eternal.  She was also a regular fav in the lads magazines of the 90s, regularly making the top 10 FHM’s Sexiest Women.  She even told FHM that she would be “too depressed” if she didn’t make the top 20.

Jamie gave up the football and became a TV pundit.  He is still a TV pundit and has not been in any celeb programme.  Louise gave up the girlband, tried a solo career and when this failed, she became a mum, who every year, slipped further down the sexiest women list.

This arrangement seemed to work.  Everything seemed stable but if we looked closer, only Jamie Redknapp was stable, while his wife continue to try singing, shows, films, presenting and never managing to get a second series.

Louise seemed to be searching for recognition and public acceptance, would Jamie be able to do that?

In 2007, Louise did a documentary called The Truth About Size Zero where she tried to become a size zero.  The documentary included footage of her at home, where she clearly looked a bit pasty and a little hangry (=anger caused by hunger).  Jamie was not supportive as he exasperatedly told her to stop the experiment, as it was bad for her health and he did not like how she looked.

In 2016, model Daisy Lowe told her how fab she looked during Strictly Come Dancing.  Daisy wasn’t the only fan, Louise came second and caught the public’s attention once more.  It awoke that desire for fame and admiration.

Jamie was still not doing other media work, – “Literally” to use his favourite word.  Louise literally wanted out.

Jamie may be hurt that he could not compete but he should not think like this.   Maybe no-one will be enough for Louise, and we think she will never be happy if chasing fame is her number one priority.  Jamie has more potential for happiness focusing on having a family life outside the limelight.

The image is by Will Palmer from Leeds, United Kingdom – Jamie Redknapp, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=2545471

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