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Angelina Jolie

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Married to every girl’s dream?  What could go wrong?

What went wrong?

Angelina’s first mistake was to get involved with a married man.  People leaving long term relationships need time to reflect on what went wrong, what went right and what they want from the next relationships.

By rushing into a relationship, Brad did not have time to think about the person he wanted to become, or to grieve Jennifer Aniston and instead was swept up in the euphoria of new love, living with someone new and creating a whole new family, including children!


The next issue, which is common to lots of busy people, is that there was lots of time spent apart working on very different projects.  Whose career should take priority and who should look after the children?

This is a common source of tension.  Add to that the fact that actors are used to a lot of attention and preferential treatment.  Giving up a career you love for someone else is the opposite of being treated preferentially.  It is very hard for two people in a couple not to be competitive, especially when you have had to be naturally competitive to have got ahead in the first place.

Angelina also faced a double mastectomy and there were also allegations that Angelina had mental health difficulties and suffered from depression.  These can test any relationship.  Depression also means that the sufferer can be more irritable, tearful and generally less fun to be around.  Imagine feeling this way and then your partner being abroad and working day to night with a beautiful French actress.

Marion Cotillard by Studio Harcourt:  Oscar-winning French actress that Brad Pitt was alleged to have had an affair with.  She denies this.

Furthermore, it has been alleged that Brad also had some emotional difficulties, especially with anger and that he seemed to be drinking a lot.   If Brad was drinking heavily as rumours state, that too would put pressure on the relationship.

Does Angelina herself struggle with her identity?  Not knowing one’s identity makes it hard to know what will make you happy.  Like many actors who metamorphose frequently, we have seen her change  at various points in her life.

Finally, how did Brad feel about Angelina’s changing identity? From actress to humanitarian is a big leap.  Did he want to swap the glamour of Hollywood for the refugee camps of Syria?

What should Angelina do next?

Her first step is to decide how to allow her large and diverse family to maintain contact with Brad Pitt.  Some are adopted children and some are biological but all should have access to their father/ father figure if they want it.

In the next relationships, she needs to find a man she can respect but possibly this should not be for his career or money, but for his grounded nature and his ability to support his wife and raise a family with complex needs.  This man needs to be sufficiently confident to not feel threatened by a successful partner.

Angelina also could benefit from seeing a clinical psychologist to work on keeping her own mental health in good shape and to look at her own issues with her identity.  We hope that this may help her feel happier with all the gifts she has in her life so she can challenge her energy into something which is in harmony with her values.

This article is pure conjecture and based on no fact what so over!   And Angelina, if you or your lawyers are reading this, feel free to join our site.  Everyone is welcome!

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