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7 drinks to replace alcohol during your divorce

7 drinks to replace alcohol during your divorce

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Drinking during your divorce is a common coping mechanism but while it offers momentary release, it’s not a good way to go.

Alcohol is a depressant and drinking too much impacts health, energy and mood for the worse.  Coping with the stresses of divorce is made many times worse when hungover, exhausted or low.

There are many other alternatives to drinking to help calm your mind including exercise, meditation and seeking out art and culture. But let’s face it, sometimes you just want an easy fix.

So here are 7 things to reach for when you want a drink but don’t want to take yourself down.  Grab a glass, take the weight off and chillax…

1. Monte Rosso Spritzer: £2.55 per 275ml, Ocado

Monte Rosso is a sparkling drink in the style of a classic Italian aperativo.  Although it is fruit based, it has botanicals to give it a bit of pep and some bitters to give it a bit of interest and sophistication.

2. Seedlip Garden 108: £26.00 (currently on special for £22.00) for 70cl, Ocado

Seedlip is the best gin alternative we’ve tasted.   Designed to be served with a mixer (tonic/ soda/ bitter lemon) this is a complex and peppy drink with a blend of botanicals that gives it complexity and interest.  The 108 version is the most gin like but there is also a spiced version for a more clovey, wintry drink.  It is priced like a gin, so it’s not a cheap alternative.  But if drinking less at home is your aim, this is definitely one for the drinks cupboard.

3. Sainsburys Low Alcohol Cider: £1.10 for 500ml

It genuinely tastes like cider – a sweetish cider but if cider is your tipple, this will absolutely do the trick. Made by Weston and Sons in Herefordshire, who know their stuff when it comes to cider.  There is a tiny bit of alchol in this (0.9% vol)

4. Bees Knees Sparkling: £3.50 for 75cl, Morrisons

A refreshing and finely balanced non-alcoholic drink combining sparkling fermented grape juice blended with green tea.  The green tea adds dryness and balances the sweetness.  Wine is always particularly hard to replace but this version makes a good fist of it.

5. Erdinger Alkoholfrei, 0.5%: £1.29 for 500ml, Morrisons

Erdinger is a wheat beer and one of the good ones.  It has a strong wheaty taste and while it cannot completely escape the slightly tinniness of alcohol free beers, it does actually have an enjoyable taste. B12 and folic acid have been added to create an isotonic drink that theoretically help to support the immune system, a healthy healthy beer!

6. Sainsbury’s Low Alcohol Czech Lager £1.00 for 500ml

Light-bodied with bitter hop notes and a fresh finish.  Chill it down well and if you find yourself wanting to reach for a lager, this should satisfy the urge. The taste is fresh and crisp, slightly hoppy but not too intense, so those wanting a lighter beer will find this perfectly acceptable.

7. Eisberg Sparkling Blanc: £3.99 for 750ml, Waitrose Cellar

Eisberg have been going strong since the ’80s.  While alcohol free wine rarely lives up to the expectation, this one is certainly a bit more satisfying than most.  With citrus and peach flavours, the fizz makes it one for the summer nights.

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