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Gill’s divorce story: “We go on holiday with my ex”

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When I met Tony I was still at school.  He was a jack the lad of about 18 who was cleaning windows on the housing estate where I lived with my mum & dad.

To cut a long story short we married when Tony was just coming up to 21 and I waddled down the aisle 7 months pregnant and just 17.  

Tony Junior, was followed by Ryan and then Caroline.  By this time, I was still only 24 and Tony was 28.  He was getting restless and I can appreciate this; he didn’t realise what a responsibility kids were.  His frustration manifested itself in constant rowing and in the end, we decided it was best for everyone that we split up.  

The kids took it well and Tony was terrific seeing them often and helping out with the kids and money.  I knew he had a girlfriend (Mandy) and I was pleased in a way, but I could not help the occasional dig!  I sometimes felt sorry for myself but the kids kept me busy, and worn out.

One day my mum came around to baby-sit the kids while I went out for a very rare night out with some old girlfriends.  I got all scrubbed up and put on my dancing shoes and next thing I knew, I was throwing some shapes with Chris.  

Chris was a single father of 2 who I knew vaguely but got to know better other the next few months.  Tony knew Chris and apart from the odd dig back at me he accepted him as being around the house sometimes when he visited the kids.  

If I am honest had trouble accepting Chris’s children a boy and girl who were about the same age as my two youngest.  The house was very busy apart from the respite we got once a month when all the children went with our exes.   There were lots of ups and downs as we all adjusted to each other and over time we actually learned to love each other and became one big happy family.  

It’s a few years since this all happened and Tony Junior has just got married himself.  All the kids and adults get on really well so much so that last year (apart from Chris’s ex and her husband), the rest of us all went on holiday together!  We can have a laugh all together and enjoy all of our kids! I know we have been really lucky;  although we started our first marriages too young, we grew up fast, and have all found happiness with our new partners, and our fantastic kids.  

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