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The Start of your divorce journey

Navigating the Shock of divorce

“Navigating the Shock of Divorce” is a powerful video training  delivered by the acclaimed author, life coach, and speaker (including esteemed venues such as 10 Downing Street, House of Lords and the European Parliament) – Tanya Mann Rennick.

In this course, Tanya shares proven strategies and techniques to ensure you overcome the initial shock of divorce. Gain practical advice, emotional support, and empowerment to navigate this challenging phase and emerge stronger than you ever thought possible. 

Join us on this transformative journey with Tanya Mann Rennick and Divorce Club as your guides toward healing and renewal.

Grow Through Divorce

Thrive after divorce

“Thrive After Divorce,” an empowering video course by Divorce Club. Led by acclaimed author and life coach Tanya Mann Rennick.

This course guides you through the initial stage of divorce, offering practical strategies to not just recover but truly thrive. Join us for compassionate guidance and the tools to rediscover and embrace a fulfilling life post-divorce. Your transformation starts here.