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Divorce Coach Expert: Tanya Mann Rennick

Tanya Mann Rennick - DivorceClub - Expert Speaker

Tanya Mann Rennick is an Emotional Transformational Coach based in London, specializing in working with clients who are grappling with overwhelm, stress, anxiety, relationship issues, significant decisions, and repetitive negative behaviors.

Having addressed audiences at the House of Lords and the European Parliament, she is recognized as an authority in the fields of Mindset, Emotional Resilience, and Overcoming Anxiety. During David Cameron’s tenure as Prime Minister, she was invited to 10 Downing Street for discussions on her ideas.

Her expertise has been shared through workshops at various banks, law firms, accountancy firms, sales organizations, and insurance companies. Additionally, she has lectured at prestigious universities, including Cambridge, LSE, and UCL. Presentations on motivation have been delivered at numerous conferences, seminars, and workshops across the UK and Europe.

Speaker at European Parliament

With personal experience overcoming abuse, anxiety, overwhelm, lack of confidence, low self-esteem, and navigating life-altering decisions, she has faced seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Her journey includes choosing challenging paths, rebuilding from scratch, and dealing with regret, guilt, and shame while rediscovering her inner spark and transforming it into a flame.

“From the first time I worked with Tanya I saw light at the end of the tunnel”

After encountering significant challenges, she embarked on a journey of self-development nearly two decades ago. Dedicating herself to learning, she absorbed knowledge through extensive reading and actively participated in various training sessions with exceptional teachers. Despite life’s constraints, she remains committed to excellence, aiming to reflect this commitment in her work with clients.

She holds qualifications as a life coach and presentation skills trainer, bereavement counselor, and master meditation teacher, with over forty years of Transcendental Meditation practice. However, her deepest and most profound learning stems from life’s hardships, and she values qualifications earned in the School of Life. Her approach is unorthodox, eschewing a formulaic method, and she employs a tough-love approach.


1-2-1 Coaching



Style: Coach / Mentor


Divorce Club - Expert - Tanya Mann Rennick

Experienced Public Speaker

Divorce Club - Expert - Tanya Mann Rennick

European Parliament Tanya Mann Rennick is an inspirational speaker and founder of the Oyster Club.

Following UNITEE’s conference on Entrepreneurial Challenges of New European Women, we had the pleasure of interviewing her.

Divorce Club - Expert - Tanya Mann Rennick

Co-Author: Tanya Mann Rennick

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