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DC Live Event – Tech Tips

Please take the time to read through the items on this page. It will save you considerable time, and enhance the quality of your event.

Sorry I’m unable to spend an hour per guest on tech.  All the info you need is here…

Tech Setup:

Please read the important notes below, it will… 

  • Save you considerable time
  • Vastly improve the event
  • Create a better user-experience
  • Get more viewers
  • Be better for your business


Please use an external mic!

Solution below…

Put simply, a mic needs to be within 6-8 inches of your mouth to perform at it’s best. 

That rules out laptop, desktop computer mics, and in-built mics on cameras. 

Options include (in order of preference):

  • USB desktop mic
  • Lapel mic
  • Smart phone (positioned well)
  • Headset (some of these can be low quality – the price will be a clue)
Select this mic when you login to the streaming platform, and double check you mic levels.
Note: I’m not listing professional solutions like XLR mics, if you know about these, well then you  already know.


Please use an external cam!

Solution below…

Put simply your laptop / desktop built-in cam / web-cam isn’t going to cut it!

The camera in a modern smart phone will vastly outperform any of the above – so use it. And you already own it! 

You will need to use an app (software) to enable your Mac or PC to use your smart phone camera. I use “Camo Pro”. See below…

“Camo Pro” Software

There is a Free and Pro version and you will need the Pro version for the better resolution it provides but at less than $5 for a month it’s worth investing in at least for one month. Because as L’oreal says ‘You’re worth it’. Use with your original or good quality USB lead.

I have a professional external camera (~ £1000), but for most events I just use my iPhone 13. As long as you plug it in with a good cable it’s reliable and great quality.

Select this as your Camera when you login to the streaming platform, and double check you camera position.
Note: We cannot use content produced with a poor mic / camera.

Streaming Platform: Streamyard

This is a professional level tool with much higher quality than Zoom.

Zoom is unusable for us.

Please note the points below…

Why we don’t record through Zoom

This video shows why we don’t record using Zoom. Note that at the time of this recording we were using OBS & Vdo.ninja – we now use Streamyard which is better, and a lot easier.

We use Streamyard

  • No purchase required.
  • Nothing to download.
  • No installation for you or visitors.
Note: We may also need to connect via zoom


We require a tech rehearsal before the event.

If you have read the above then this should be a formality. If you haven’t it will be a challenge. 

Note whilst we may connect via Zoom for the rehearsal initially – I will then give you a different link so we can complete our streaming test on. I’ve included some specific notes based on the event type below. Read the notes relevant to you…

Download event checklist

We’ve created this at-a-glance checklist to help you. Please download and use.

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