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About Divorce Club

Divorce and breakups are hard. A change in your relationship status marks a period of profound change in your life.  It is not just the loss of a relationship but the loss of the hopes and dreams you had with that person.

The main purpose of this site is to help you feel supported and understood.  With 250,000 people divorcing every year (and this does not include breakups), you do not need to go through this alone.  We hope that there will be people on the forum you can connect with for help and advice who will truly empathise with what you are going through.

We have also come to know that this can be a period of positive change and growth.  As you reassess your values, relationships and life in general you can make some real changes in the way you live that are more authentic and meaningful to you.  We hope that this site can provide you with a space to reflect on what you want for your future life and how to go about getting it.  To do this we have psychologists, dating coaches, accountants, lawyers and divorce experts to guide you through this time.  We also have a forum where either our team of experts or a fellow divorcee will address your questions and concerns.

Finally, we passionately believe that the discourse around divorce and the laws that exist need to evolve, to make the experience less painful.  We hope that all together we can bring about these changes so that the divorce experience can be reclaimed from something negative to something more accepted, less adversarial and an opportunity for growth.

We don’t want anyone to feel there is no one to talk to. Here, we hope that you will find support, inspiration and make connections to build an amazing future for you and all those you love and will love.

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Notable mentions

Lucy Davis

One of your original co-founders. Other life priorities ultimately ended her continued participation in Divorce Club.

Isabelle Hung

One of your original co-founders. Took a step back from daily operations in 2023 due to her pregnancy and remains one of our treasured divorce knowledge experts.

Darren Pitt

Operated behind the scenes between 2021 and 2023, to help expand and grow the business, and was a key part of our web growth during that period.

Simon K Williams

Came on board as the majority co-owner in 2023.