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Well done for looking after yourself enough to join Divorce Club and thank you for putting your trust in us.  

As a member you can now access all our events, take part in DC Connect, join DC Chat and get exclusive content.

We hope to be able to help you build a new (and hopefully better life) through our resources, talks and by putting you in contact with others who have been through a similar situation.

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What to do next:

Join our private community in DC Chat

To do this just start an account on Discord and hit this link: Groovy discord joining link

We’ll do the rest, but if you run into problems just email team@divorceclub.com

If you already use Discord you can message us directly on Discord by searching for lucydavis#3508 or Darren Pitt#2077 or Isabelle#9044.

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Sign up to meet other members with DC Connect

DC Connect gives you the option of meeting other divorcees in the same stage as you in small online groups of 5.  Simply opt in and you’ll be grouped with 4 others.  We can even set up the video call for you.  Meets are arranged every 4 weeks and you only meet if you actively opt in, so you can do it as frequently or as sporadically as you wish.

If you didn’t opt in when you joined you can opt in by editing your profile.

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Browse our upcoming events and register to come along to the ones for you

The events are all listed here in the EVENTS tab which you can always find from the homepage. Non members can see the events but only members can register.  Simply pop your name down for the ones you want to come to and we will email you the link nearer the event time.  Please do not share this with non members – they are just for you.

From socials, to quizzes to lawyers to wellness experts – there is something for everyone.

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If you feel that there is something you wish to know more about, then please let us know and we will do our best to get an expert in the area you are interested in.

Any questions?  Hit us up with an email – lucy@divorceclub.com – we’re here to support you.

Lucy and Isabelle x


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