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Your Mortgage & Financial options whilst going through divorce

6th Dec 2022 | 8.30pm (UK time)


During this session Mortgage advisor,  Annie Young, will share important ways you can empower yourself to understand your current financial situation. She will provide an overview on mortgages including affordability, what lenders like to see and some common myths associated with being able to qualify for a mortgage. She will advise on some typical options when it comes to leaving the marital home or dividing assets when going through a divorce.

After the talk Annie will try to help answer as many of your questions on your current situation and you will be able to hear from others too

 At the end of this event you should expect to know:

  • Some practical tips on getting to understand your current financial situation 
  • Key areas to consider financial planning 
  • Getting to know your mortgage options 

Meet Annie Young

When I met my husband he was recently divorced so I have been able to witness the emotional and mental turmoil divorce causes. I now have a son from my marriage, so being a mum myself now I can understand the further stress of divorce particularly on the financial side of things (paying for education, division of assets, lifestyle, holidays etc.) 

Assisting couples going through divorce is something that our office specialises in.



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Isabelle Hung

Isabelle Hung

Divorce Club Founder


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Dr Isabelle Hung

Dr Isabelle Hung is a co-founder of divorceclub.com and a clinical psychologist. Having got through her own divorce, she is now remarried and happy to report that divorce really is an opportunity for growth and positive change.