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It’s time to feel GREAT again! 23rd June


Separation and divorce can really knock it out of you. For some it’s a long road and the impact on your confidence and happiness can be significant. But guess what? You can and will feel great again! So why wait? Let’s start the process now! Whatever you are juggling or dealing with, just taking a few minutes for yourself can be all it takes to start feeling good, building mental strength and smiling inside.

Before the event, please come to the session having thought about a memory of something you enjoyed doing – this could be from your childhood, or as an adult.

Examples could include 

  • reading a book on a beach
  • creating something you were proud of
  • a memorable phone conversation with a friend
  • a time you went somewhere lovely or exciting

You do not have to contribute if you do not feel like it, but it would be great if you can have this memory in your mind.

Amy Reeve is an experienced coach with a commitment to helping people going through divorce or separation rise from feeling lost, out of control and broken to powerful, worthy and complete.
In this positive and upbeat session, we will look at ways you can start to rethink your situation, set yourself on a more positive path and take small, manageable steps for yourself on the road to confidence and happiness. We hope to get all of you smiling!



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Amy Reeve| Divorce Coach
Lucy Davis
Lucy Davis | Co-Founder

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