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The psychology of dating: an introduction

13th Sept 2022. 8:00pm (UK time)


Join Rachel New, dating and relationships coach, to explore questions such as:

How can I meet new people?

How do online and real life dating compare?

What’s good and bad about online dating?

What kind of dating do I want to do?

How can I get the most from dating?

What are the norms and unwritten rules of dating now?

There will be time for some reflective exercises for you to do as well as discussion and questions.  

Rachel works on social skills, using dating apps, relationship skills (such as empathy, conflict management, communication), self-esteem and confidence, dating anxiety, moving on from past relationships and divorce, living with stepchildren, and identifying your needs. Rachel works with all ages, genders, sexual preferences, ethnicities, abilities and backgrounds.

Visit rachelnewdatingcoach.co.uk to find out more about Rachel and to read her blog.


Your host…

Rachel New

Dating Coach



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Picture of Rachel New

Rachel New

Rachel New has been a dating and relationships coach and educator in London, UK for six years. She has a Masters in psychology, is a qualified teacher with twenty-five years’ experience, has training in life and mindfulness coaching, has a counselling certificate, and has trained with The Gottman Institute to work with couples.