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Special Guest: Tanya Mann Rennick Presents…

Collins & Cumberbatch Coach You Through Divorce

Presenter Tanya Mann Rennick delivers a truly unique event, and huge experience and authority as a speaker and as a life-coach:

  • Spoken at the House of Lords UK.
  • Spoken at the European Parliament.
  • Spoken with David Cameron at 10 Downing Street.
  • Lectured at Cambridge University.
  • Acclaimed Author.

Do you find divorce emotionally draining?

For many divorce can be incredibly tough experience to get through. Many report feeling physically sick when their ex walks into the room, even a simple text or email can add anxiety and pressure to an already challenging situation.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have someone you admire, someone clever, powerful, and witty in your corner working for you to help you navigate through the challenge of divorce. Tanya will explain how.



She is considered an authority on Mindset, Emotional Resilience and Overcoming Anxiety. She has given workshops to prominent banks, law, accountancy, sales and insurance firms. Lectured at universities including Cambridge, LSE UCL. Given presentations on motivation at a number of conferences, seminars and workshops all over the UK and Europe. 

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Surviving abuse:

She has first hand experience on surviving abuse, anxiety, overwhelm, lack of confidence, extremely low self esteem, facing seemingly impossible obstacles, making life changing decisions, choosing challenging paths, choosing a path of least resistance, rebuilding from zero, dealing with regret, guilt and shame, rediscovering inner spark, igniting that spark to a flame, lighting up from within…


In Tanya’s own words:

“I’m going to teach you a method which has been used since history was first written, but that they never taught you in school. It’s called modelling or stepping into an archetype, or character invention. Together, we’ll identify your perfect archetype, and learn how to step inside. so you can have all the courage, wisdom and resilience you need to get you through any situation. In short, I’ll show you how Joan Collins & Benedict Cumberbatch will coach you through divorce.”

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Your Special Guest…


Tanya Mann Rennick

  • Public Speaker
  • Emotional Transformation Coach
  • Spoken at 10 Downing St
  • Spoken at European Parliament

Divorce Club host…

Simon K Williams

Simon K Williams

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Simon K Williams

Simon K Williams is a divorcee, and the child of divorce parents. He has owned several businesses in the divorce and life-coaching space. His motivation comes from seeing his mum struggle and never get over divorce when he was too young to be able to help. He’s helping now.