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Get A F*cking Divorce Already!

Special Guest: Laurie Frazier

This is about taking 100% accountability for one’s self.

Before we are ever “betrayed” we have inevitably betrayed ourselves. How? By ignoring our intuition, the red flags, not having firm boundaries, not speaking our truth, not being clear about our desires, etc

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Your Special Guest…

Laurie Frazier

Laurie Frazier

  • Author
  • Life Transformation Coach
  • Chopra Certified Instructor
  • Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor 
  • Astrologer & Numerologist
  • Spiritual Teacher

Divorce Club host…

Simon K Williams

Simon K Williams

Divorce Club



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Picture of Simon K Williams

Simon K Williams

Simon K Williams is a divorcee, and the child of divorce parents. He has owned several businesses in the divorce and life-coaching space. His motivation comes from seeing his mum struggle and never get over divorce when he was too young to be able to help. He’s helping now.