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Picnic & games, Russell Sq London – 10th July

Divorce Picnic London


Divorce Club has been running picnics for years because they have always been a real hit.

We will have our usual picnic in Russell Square, but we will also be bringing games. Bring your kids too if you like. We will bring some food and drink but if you want to bring your own, please do. If it rains, we will go to a pub round the corner.

There will be a mix of members who are new and others who have been with us for years. We have people who are well on the other side but like to reunite with fellow divorce clubbers they met here and offer a bit of support and encouragement to any newbies.

Through mixing with people who are going or have gone through similar things, you will feel more confident and hopefully make the beginning of a new friendship!

This event is open to new and prospective members. If you’d like to attend, please complete the form below so we get an idea of numbers.

We look forward to seeing you in person!

Isabelle Hung
Isabelle Hung | Psychologist
Lucy Davis
Lucy Davis | Co-Founder


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Isabelle Hung
Isabelle Hung | Psychologist
Lucy Davis
Lucy Davis | Co-Founder

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