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How forensic accounting can help, 20th June


Is your soon-to-be-ex hiding money from you, saying they have no money, or have they (or a relative) made strange purchases or property deals recently? 

Lighthouse forensic accountants have seen it all. In this session:

  • learn how forensic accountants work
  • hear about actual cases
  • ask qurstions you may have about your own situation

Lighthouse forensic accountants are a team of chartered accountants with extensive experience in forensic accounting, audit, and risk assessment. They’ve helped individual clients save hundreds of thousands of pounds by saving them time, effort, and most importantly, get to the bottom of dubious financial activity. 


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Picture of Dr Isabelle Hung

Dr Isabelle Hung

Dr Isabelle Hung is a co-founder of divorceclub.com and a clinical psychologist. Having got through her own divorce, she is now remarried and happy to report that divorce really is an opportunity for growth and positive change.

Isabelle Hung
Isabelle Hung | Psychologist

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