Time: 8:00 pm
Date: Thursday Oct 7th, 2021
Location: Members' Zoom Call,

Divorce can be challenging for anyone, but if you are trying to navigate the process, come to terms with the end of your relationship, continue to be a good parent AND deal with a partner who is physically or emotionally abusive, it is very difficult indeed.

Often in these cases there are many legal, financial and emotional challenges to face.

This session is to support you with your emotions.  If you would like to be with others experiencing this, and feel supported, appreciated and get help with strategies to deal with your divorce, then please come along.

Dr Isabelle Hung is a clinical psychologist and divorcee who has talked to hundreds of divorcing people and can advise you with managing some of these difficult and overwhelming emotions and difficult and overwhelming people.

Registration details will appear in the next day or so, or email [email protected] if you would like to register your interest now.