Time: 8:00 pm
Date: Friday Jan 8th, 2021
Location: Members' Zoom call,

“Should I leave my marriage?” is a question no-one ever thought they’d ask themselves but at some point a large number of us do…

Such a deeply personal and life changing decision is not always one we can safely discuss with our friends or family.  So we are offering a safe space for you to do so with us.

DC Founders Dr Isabelle Hung and Lucy Davis discuss the pros and cons of leaving your marriage or long term relationship, we’ll talk frankly about divorce and reconciliation, and about things you should consider when you find yourself on the cusp of leaving a marriage.

Only you can truly decide what the best course of action is, but we are here to help you ask yourself some key questions, weigh up your situation and give you some tips to move forward – whatever you decide.


The meeting will be from 8pm to 9pm on 8th January 2021.

We meet on Zoom and if you wish to attend privately (given the sensitive nature of the discussion) please just come with no video or audio.  You will have the opportunity to ask questions or comment in the chat area during the event either publicly or directly via Isabelle or Lucy.

To attend the “Should I leave my marriage?” event, you’ll need to be a DC member which is free for the whole of January and just £7.99 per month thereafter.  Membership will include weekly online events with experts such as lawyers, financial advisors, coaches, psychologists and mediators; regular social events; an invitation to our private chat area with other divorcees (no more Facebook faux pas) and the chance to connect personally with other members who are going through similar bumps in the road to you.

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