Time: 1:00 pm
Date: Saturday Jun 11th, 2022
Location: Bloomsbury, Lodon,

Divorce Club has been running picnics for years because they have always been a real hit. There will be a mix of members who are new and others who have been with us for years. We have people who are well on the other side but like to reunite with fellow divorce clubbers they met here and offer a bit of support and encouragement to any newbies. Through mixing with people who are going or have gone through similar things, you will feel more confident and hopefully make the beginning of a new friendship! Bring something to drink and eat, or not. It’s up to you. Or even bring your guitar! Members will be offered a free drink. For more info on becoming a member click here 

We’ll check the weather up until the day and if it’s pish, we’ll either cancel or have a Plan B and post it up. If you’d like to attend, please email [email protected] for exact location details and to confirm.

We look forwatrd to seeing you in person!


This event is open to new members.
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More information on becoming a member can be found here https://www.divorceclub.com/members/join-the-divorce-club-community/