Time: 12:30 pm
Date: Wednesday Feb 24th, 2021
Location: Members' Zoom call,

Does thinking about money fill you with fear?

Is your divorce making you feel powerless and not in control of your financial security?


Please join us for this lunchtime Zoom to get some help and advice from Mary Waring, a professional, trusted financial advisor for women, who has decades of experience working with women who need financial advice.

Mary has a unique combination of qualifications.  She is an award-winning financial advisor, a chartered accountant, a chartered financial planner, and she has specialist accreditation from Resolution, the legal divorce specialists’ organisation.  She is also a qualified and experienced coach.

In our lunch hour we will discuss:

  • what you should consider when you first decide to separate
  • how to get on top of your finances
  • things women should be aware of when it comes to divorce and financial planning
  • how and whether you should split the house and pensions
  • how to decide what is fair
  • how to calculate what the value of being a stay at home mum is (don’t underestimate it!)
  • spouses who hide assets
  • what is the single most financially beneficial thing you can do during a divorce
  • how to maximise what you’re left with

We will also answer any questions you have.  Please email them before the day to [email protected] and we’ll put them to Mary.

Mary is a fount of knowledge and this is a must attend event for anyone thinking about money before, during and after a divorce.

The event is open to all, but Mary typically works with women so the talk will be biased towards women.  We are looking to host an equivalent specialist event for men in the next few weeks.

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We meet on Zoom.  You will have the opportunity to ask questions or comment in the chat area during the event either publicly or directly via the DC organisers.

To attend the “Essential advice for divorcing women” event, you’ll need to be a DC member which is free for your first 3 months and £7.99 per month thereafter.  Membership will include weekly online events with experts such as lawyers, financial advisors, coaches, psychologists and mediators; regular social events; an invitation to our private chat area with other divorcees (no more Facebook faux pas) and the chance to connect personally with other members who are going through similar bumps in the road to you. (Find out more about membership here).