Time: 8:00 pm
Date: Monday Nov 1st, 2021
Location: Members' Zoom call,

Make 2021 the year that you become the person you want to be.

Divorce is a real opportunity for change, as you have the freedom to do so much more.

You can rediscover who you are, what you want to do, reclaim your passions and your purpose.

Dr Isabelle Hung is a clinical psychologist who specialises in helping people make changes to their identity by identifying value-led goals, and working with people to achieve them.

In the goal setting and catch up session the aim is to create a place where you can join others to explore your goals, define them and work out a plan to fulfil them.

We check in fortnightly to see the progress you have made towards your goals.  And, if there has been no progress, Isabelle will help you identify why this might be. For example, are there barriers to change, is this a goal you really want, or did you choose it for others?

Change is nearly always frightening and difficult.  The first time you come to a meetup, change job or even decide to try a new look can all be uncomfortable.

BUT every time you step out of the comfort zone,  the braver you become and most importantly, your life becomes bigger and more fulfilled.


How to attend

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