Time: 5:00 pm
Date: Saturday Apr 23rd, 2022
Location: The Rugby Tavern 19 Great James Street WC1N 3ES,

Join Rachel New, dating and relationships coach, for an in-person workshop that will introduce you to dating post-divorce, covering everything from how to tell your story, what you want from your next relationship, which dating apps to use, how to meet in real life, how dating works these days, how to prepare for a first date, and communicating your needs when dating. Bring along your burning questions and meet others on the same journey!

Rachel is a member of the Divorce Club and has personal experience of dating after divorce.

What Rachel’s clients have said about her:

“Before talking to Rachel I had considered that my anxieties and concerns would not be understood by others. Rachel has proved me wrong. I have found her to be extremely insightful and wise, possessing what appears to be a natural gift in understanding how people relate to one another and how they formulate thoughts, opinions, and emotions. Her guidance held much weight and credibility. Much of what she had advised has resonated with me deeply, causing me to reflect on my perspective, and helping me to cherish situations which I had otherwise seen as failures and obstacles.” (Ajay, 36)

“Over the last few months, I have experienced some difficult challenges in my love life, which have been very painful and involved facing up to reality. Rachel has been very supportive, focusing on my sense of self-worth, what I need in a relationship, and how I need to deal with endings and a feeling of rejection differently. Rachel has been gentle but firm, wise and patient. I would definitely recommend her for helping to make sense of your relationship needs.” (Sally, 46)

This event is free to those who are attending the Games Night straight after in the same venue. These events are designed to encourage you to join the Divorce Club – we hope you will enjoy meeting people in the same situation as you as well as meeting the organizers, coaches and psychologists that work with the club!

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