Time: 8:00 pm
Date: Thursday May 27th, 2021
Location: ,

Parental alienation is where one parent or main care-giver effectively takes ‘exclusive possession’ of the child and, through repetitive psychologically abusive and coercive controlling behaviours, systematically erodes the other parent from the child’s life.

Parental alienation is one of the worst and most painful experiences for both the alienated child and the parent.

It is a form of child abuse and it is traumatic.  It leaves the parent feeling totally powerless and in pain.

There is still little public awareness about this, and Parental Alienation UK are tirelessly working to put this issue in the public consciousness.

They have commissioned reports, worked with experts and are trying to put this issue before MPs.

Jan James, head of Parental Alienation UK, is offering to do a brief introduction to this topic, including some very helpful legal tips, and then will answer your questions.


We meet on Zoom.

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