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Divorce (or separation after a significant relationship) can knock even the strongest person for six because EVERYTHING can change as a result…

What other life event can uproot you from your home, shake your financial security, reduce your time with your children and make friends and family disappear overnight?

We know it can be really tough going through a divorce.  It’s hard to find people who know how you feel unless they’ve been through it, so you can end up feeling quite alone.  

Sometimes you don’t know where to turn, or just feel angry or sad.  And trying to navigate the legal and financial side is an additional pressure, just when you’re at your lowest ebb.

That’s where we at Divorce Club can help.  

We’ve been through it and we know that the best remedy for the pain of divorce is to meet others in the same boat and make a fresh start.  

So for less than the price of a weekly takeout coffee, you can join us and meet other people who know exactly what you’re going through.


Divorce club - meet others

PLUS you will have access to a people with expertise in all areas of divorce.

Become a DC member and get to:

Feel better after a laugh or a rant with our weekly social zoom calls

Meet other divorcees for virtual coffee

From unstructured chats with a pint, to quizzes, to conversation starter sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to meet others without having to leave the comfort of your home – every week. 

Drop in, skip a week, lurk with video off, it’s up to you, but we’re here if you want to reach out for a laugh, a cry or just a good old fashioned rant!


Stop feeling intimidated by the law with our legal Q and A sessions

Got an issue but don’t want to spend lots of money just to ask a quick legal question?  Tune into one of our legal Q and A’s with respected family lawyers – it could be an opportunity to find a solicitor who you connect with, without having the hassle or worry (particularly in a pandemic) of meeting up cold.  From time to time we offer our non-members access to these too, but members will always get their questions answered first.

Ease your financial worries by talking to specialist divorce financial advisors

We connect with Resolution backed independent financial advisors to bring you advice on how to manage the financial aspect of divorce.  From getting on your feet financially to whether you should split the pension, get the lowdown from our regular IFA sessions.

Transform your parenting relationships by learning from parenting coaches

Divorce club- meet parenting coachesWe bring you access to coaches in this highly specialist area to help you transcend your divorce and co-parent your children so that they can flourish in your new normal.

Discuss issues such as access, maintenance, telling the kids, how to build a new parenting relationship, what to do with difficult exes and how to play the long game.

Connect with other divorcees who are in a similar situation to you

If you want to meet up online in smaller groups with people who are at the same stage of divorce, simply opt into our member service DC Connect.

We’ll match you up in groups of 5 so you can talk to people who are newly divorcing, in the process or out the other side.

You can make friends to see you through your divorce and can opt in to meet more people as many times as you like.



  • Build your confidence with divorce oriented workshops
  • Get the tools to make tough decisions about your relationship
  • Hang out with other people on Valentine’s Day – HUGELY POPULAR!
  • Communicate with others on our 24/7 messaging channel




Give us a chance to help you feel better.  And with our one month free trial which you can cancel any time, you’ve got nothing to lose.  After that it’s just £7.99 per month, for as long as you need us.  

We passionately believe that you can have an amazing life after divorce!  There is such an opportunity for growth and many of our members have said how much happier they are two, three, four years down the line – so hang on in there.  Start again, with us.


Photo of DC Founders Isabelle Hung and Lucy DavisClinical Psychologist Dr Isabelle Hung and Designer and TV Producer Lucy Davis both got divorced around 10 years ago.

We are living proof that you can recover, grow and flourish after divorce and set up DC to support others going through the process.

We look forward to spending more time with you this year and seeing you through to a more confident and happy future.