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Do you feel alone? Isolated?

Divorce can be one of the hardest things in the world.  What other life event changes your finances, family, home, friends and work so seismically? 

One of the things that makes it easier is meeting new people, which is what Divorce Club is here for!

If you want to meet others in the same boat, let us know a bit about your divorce and we will match you up to people who are going through the same thing.  

This all comes as part of the Divorce Club membership – but you have to opt in, so that we don’t try and connect people who aren’t feeling like socialising.

Every two weeks, we’ll introduce you with some other members by email.  You can then set a time and use the video link we send to have a chat.  Rant, cry, swap notes – it’s better when shared! 


How does DC Connect work?


  1. Opt in to DC Connect
  2. We’ll match you with a group of other people based on your compatibility
  3. We’ll send you an email introducing you all together to chat
  4. We’ll email you to ask if you’d like to opt in again!

When we introduce you, we will share your email to those we introduce you with.  

You can opt in as many times as you like, or just dip in and out when you feel like it.

In order to match you, we have designed a customised algorithm working alongside some brainy types at a company called 

Currently, we have arranged to match member based on their similarity in divorce stages.  But we are looking to try out different ways to match people – and would welcome your feedback on this venture!  Who would you like to meet?  What would you like to be able to talk about?  

When taking part in DC Connect, please follow our community guidelines.


Take part in DC Connect!

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