DC Connect Community Guideline

When connecting, please remember our community standards: 

Remember that this is a difficult time, where people are vulnerable, so please treat others as you would wish yourself, or a loved one, to be treated. Anyone who does not follow our guidelines may have their membership revoked.


Have similar intentions:

Divorce Club was set up for people to make friends. We know that people have fallen in love through our site, but this is not why we are here.  We find that our members often do not want to get into relationships so please do not use this site to find a new love interest or as a hookup.  Use Tinder and Grindr for love and sex.


Be Real and honest:  

Divorce Club profiles are intended to represent real people.

Your member profiles must be honest and authentic.

Tell people what your intentions are.

Do not create fake accounts, lie about yourself, or impersonate someone.


Please turn up.  

We only put small numbers of people together, so please don’t be flaky.  If you can’t make it, give the others as much notice as you can so they can reschedule if needed. We get that sometimes your confidence or va va voom is a bit lacking, but 9 out of 10 times, meeting others will help you feel perkier.


Message Respectfully: 

Don’t Spam – Content sent to a member that is irrelevant, impersonal, unsolicited, unwanted, promotional, or repetitive is spam.

Don’t send sexual content or nude pictures – Again, this is not a dating or hookup site. Do not send these.

Likewise, don’t send anything that could reasonably upset someone – For example, violent images, disgusting images, or anything that might shock or disturb others.


Respect other people’s boundaries, as well as your own: 

Don’t do anything you feel uncomfortable doing. Likewise, don’t send information or go to places you don’t feel comfortable with.

Do not expect others to give out information or do things with which they are uncomfortable.

If you have been blocked by other members, or banned from our site, please accept and respect this decision, and do not try and find other ways to circumvent the block or ban.

Ask for Permission: Divorce club emphasises the importance of getting people’s consent if you are to communicate with them or do something with/to them.  Engaging with anyone in a non-consensual way is strictly prohibited. If ever in doubt, ask permission.


Respect Privacy:

Don’t post other people’s private information without their explicit consent.