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Emotional cost of divorce…

Statistically, the most significant emotional problem associated with divorce support is an increased risk of mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety, and stress. These emotional challenges can have lasting effects on an individual’s overall well-being and functioning in various aspects of life.

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Studies have found that divorced individuals have a higher risk of experiencing depression compared to married individuals. One study published in the Archives of General Psychiatry showed that people who were divorced or separated were nearly twice as likely to suffer from depression.

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Research published in Social Science & Medicine found that divorced men and women are more likely to experience anxiety disorders than those who are married. The uncertainties and life changes brought on by divorce can contribute to increased anxiety levels.

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Substance abuse

Divorce and significant breakup are linked to an increased risk of substance abuse. Study in the journal Addiction revealed that divorced or separated individuals are more likely to engage in alcohol or drug use.

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Divorced women and men tend to report higher stress levels than those who are married, as demonstrated in a study published in the Journal of Marriage and Family. Increased stress levels can have negative impacts on mental and physical health.

Financial cost of divorce…

The financial cost of divorce can be crippling, but that’s not the only cost.


$ 1

Average cost of uncontested divorce in USA

Divorce Icon - Contested

Divorce in Court

$ 1

Average cost of divorce in USA that goes to court

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Men - Poverty

1 %

11% of Men fall into poverty as a result of divorce

Divorce Icon - Woman

Women - Poverty

1 %

20% of women fall into poverty as a result of divorce

Cost of divorce on children…

The emotional cost is often significant, and can be multi-generational.

Divorce icon - Suicide 1

Child Suicide

x 0

Children twice as likely to attempt suicide

Divorce icon - Alone

Trouble Fitting In

x 0

Children are 4 times as likely to have trouble fitting in

Divorce icon - NoSchool

School Dropouts

x 0

Children twice as likely to drop out of high school

Divorce icon - Prison

Prison Inmates

0 %

70% of prison inmates grew up in broken homes

Divorce is a brutal but powerful opportunity for personal growth

Simon K Williams

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Don't go through divorce alone

Benefits of Divorce Club support

Being part of divorce group provides essential support for navigating the emotional, financial, legal, and logistical challenges that will arise.

Divorce - Stability

Emotional Stability

This divorce group gives you a safe space for processing emotions, offering comfort and encouragement during challenging times.

Divorce - Decision making

Improved Decision-making

Advice from other people like you also going through divorce and professionals leads to better decisions in legal, emotional, financial, social, and parental matters.

Divorce - Stability

Emotional Stability

This divorce group gives you a safe space for processing emotions, offering comfort and encouragement during challenging times.

Divorce - Decision making

Improved Decision-making

Advice from other people like you also going through divorce and professionals leads to better decisions in legal, emotional, financial, social, and parental matters.

Divorce - Calm

Reduced Stress

Practical assistance from others in the Divorce Club alleviates stress and lightens the burden of navigating divorce-related challenges.

Divorce - Resiliance

Increased resilience

Divorce support bolsters resilience, helping individuals adapt to new circumstances and develop a positive outlook for the future.

Help Others

Helping others get over divorce not only helps them it will give you self-worth when you need it most.

Divorce icon - Knoledge Experts

Divorce Experts

Divorce experts help you better manage the emotional, financial, and logistical challenges of divorce and lay the foundation for a successful transition.

Divorce without the drama

There's expert divorce knowledge that you need so you can take the trauma out of your divorce journey.

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Dr Isabelle Hung & Lucy Davis

Co-Founders – Divorce Club

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With Divorce Club you're never alone

Connecting with others in the club will provide therapeutic support and valuable insights that can significantly improve your outcome. 

You’re not alone.

Talking with others who are also going through divorce is therapeutic and can offer significant support and insights.

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More divorce experts than any other group

The Divorce Club has more experts than any other club. Here’s just a few of our featured divorce knowledge experts that guide our members through the transition of divorce without the usual trauma.

Divorce Club Expert - Farhana Shahzady - 150px

Farhana Shahzady


Divorce Club Expert - Janell Bitton - 150px

Janell Bitton

Parenting Coach

Divorce Club Expert - Chris Sweetman - 150px

Chris Sweetman


Dr Isabelle Hung

Dr Isabelle Hung


Rachel New

Rachel New

Relationship Coach

Joanna Toch

Joanna Toch

Divorce Finance

Annie Young

Annie Young

Mortgage Advisor

Sarah Blyth

Sarah Blyth

Financial Advisor

Divorce Club Expert - GrahamFletcher

Graham Fletcher


Bella Duncan

Bella Duncan

Child Psychologist

Fiona Lyon


Rachel Oakes

Family Mediation

Divorce Club Expert - Jane Mace

Jane Mace

Divorce Mediator

Divorce Club Expert - Marcie Shaoul

Marcie Shaoul

Co-Parenting Coach

Divorce Club Expert - Peter Marples

Peter Marples


Divorce Club Expert - Fiona Reith - 150px

Fiona Reith

Design Your Life Coach

Divorce Club Expert - Claire Colbert

Claire Colbert

Family Mediation

Divorce Club Expert - More soon - 150px

More soon

What if Divorce didn’t have to be scary?

What if it’s the start of something truly amazing!

Lucy Davis

Co-Founder Divorce Club

360º Divorce Expertise

Our experts cover all five divorce pillars; Financial, Legal, Emotional, Social and Parental.

Divorce Knowledge Experts
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Just a few of our many testimonials from our Divorce Club members.

"This is a very welcoming group where we are all in the same boat. You can distract yourself or have a moan about your divorce. Events are very well organised by our fab hosts, Lucy and Isabelle. Highly recommended to anyone experiencing separation or divorce in whatever kind of relationship."
"Worth getting separated just to join this group :)"
"I am enjoying meeting a diverse range of people. Such stories! We all need a magic wand."
Nick S
"Great support group when going through rough time."
"Good to meet everyone, all very relaxed and worthwhile."
"Great, I'll be going again."
"Great-so grateful to Jen for making it happen and helping me meet my first divorce clubbers."
Hannah S
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Standard Cost: Normally $96.00 per year.